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Participation in the exhibition "GOLD" in the Belvedere Vienna - on the subject "Fire gilding"

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It is casting the gold into the fire
that gives it the color of the sun!
Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin

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The exhibition GOLD is devoted to the use of this precionus metal in contemporary art. 200 works by 120 artists of the 20th century and the present impressively document that since the Middle Ages there have never been more artists working with gold than today.

The show also offers a cursory review of the changeful history of the gold ground, the earliest example of which is to be found in a mummy portrait from the secound century and which then disappeared again after the Middle Ages.

The exhibition presents famours artists and numerous new discoveries; on display are works by John Armleder, Georg Baselitz, James Lee Byars, Sylvie Fleury, Richard Hamilton, Yves Klein, Imi Knoebel, Emil Orlik, Gerhard Richter, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Victor Vasarely, Franz West, and many others.

In this exhibition this points

Institute of preservation and restoration Vienna

Gold and gilding technologies, among the rest, also - the fire gilding